Where to spring break without getting sick

Briana Gavin, freshman

Did the Zika virus ruin your spring break plans? Bummer. But don’t fret there are still some great destinations that will make your spring break awesome but won’t get you sick.

If you’re like me then you are probably sick of being cold and wet all the time. So why not go somewhere to get a nice tan and have some fun in the sun. If this is your idea of a great spring break then head south. Home to many wondrous sights, beaches and entertainment Georgia or the Carolinas are great places to visit. Whether you go Savanah or Myrtle Beach you are sure to have a great spring break trip.

If you like sitting in a car for hours on end, cranking up the music and having fun with your friends. Then a road trip would be the best spring break for you. Packing up the car, setting off onto an adventure and having memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you decide on a destination and take your time getting there or you just grab the map, throw the dart and try to have as much fun as possible, a road trip can be a great time to experience places you never would have seen otherwise. Head to the Grand Canyon or go see the world’s largest ball of yarn whatever just have fun and take pictures!

Despite the fact that being cold is getting old, some of you may want to go skiing or snowboarding this spring break. If you really want to get away there are great slopes in Colorado such as Beaver Creek. Trying to stay closer there are other places here too such as Camelback Mountain. As always there are multiple great destinations to go if you’re looking to spend time on the slopes.

Saving the best for last. Stay home! I know it’s fun to go away for spring break but what’s better than home. You can have fun with all your friends, sleep in your own bed and stay in you pjs’ the entire break and no one will judge you. Also after months of eating college food who doesn’t want a nice home cooked meal and better yet; it’s free! Just think of the money you save! Staying at home you can relax, take a breather and come back feeling better than those that decided to have a little too much fun for breakJ. So give yourself the gift of doing nothing this spring break and go home and snuggle with your pets, they miss you too!

If you are still bummed out about your missed plan just think, by staying in the United States, you won’t have to travel that much and deal with the madness of airports, or train stations. Also where you go may not be as crowded. No matter where you go have a fun spring break and stay safe.



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