Peace, Love, and Nursing: Christina Levi

Bridget Seelinger DUSNA Publicity Chair

Hailing from the sunny west coast, Christina Levi, currently a sophomore in the School of Nursing, is an active participant in the on-campus theater company, The Red Masquers. The Red Masquers are notably known as the oldest amateur theater company in the city of Pittsburgh, having been performing since the late 1800s. Levi says that although she is in love with nursing, she also loves theater and the Red Masquers give her the opportunity to combine the two.

“[Theater] gives you leadership roles and helps you delegate, both things that y
ou do a lot of in nursing,” she says.

Levi’s role in the Red Masquers’ latest production, a 1960s version of William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is Assistant Light Design, something that she is equally passionate about.

“We have Christmas lights and we borrowed a moving light from Carlow, those are two special features for this production,” Levi says, adding, “We’re really enjoying the new theater as well.”

Duquesne recently constructed a new black box theater on campus, named the Genesius Theater, which cost abouredm2t $4.5 million and now includes dressing rooms, a set building workshop, in addition to flexibility in seating arrangement for the set designers, something that the theater in Rockwell Hall does not have. “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” certainly takes advantage of all of this.

“I love that we can walk through our grid standing up, in the old theater you had to crawl on your hands and knees,” Levi says laughing.

Levi’s interests were not always aligned to nursing. At first, she thought about medical school, biomedical engineering, and even teaching. She chose Duquesne School of Nursing because it was a little taste of all of those aspects. Right now, Levi is considering the Neuro ICU as a possible unit to pursue after school.

“Seizures, and dealing
with all of those precautions interests me, especially after a guest speaker we just had in Adult Health,” she says, “I’m happy that nursing has so many opportunities.”

In future years, Levi hopes to assume the role of Head Light Designer for one of the main productions on campus and hopes to move beyond her current board position, Historian, for the Red Masquers.

“I like to help actors be seen, although it sometimes can go unnoticed, but it is a vital part to the production.” Levi says.

Tickets for Red Masquers productions are free for both faculty and students and can be found online at



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