Researcher and Founder: Florence Nightingale

Brooke Calta, junior

Our girl Florence Nightingale, known as the first nursing theorist and “The Lady with the Lamp,” made several contributions to the field of nursing that has ultimately touched millions of lives. Born in 1820 on May 12th (now International Nurses Day), Nightingale would soon as a teenager realize she desired a life of serving others. As a nurse, Nightingale developed several theories that became momentous duriflong the Crimean war when she and other nurses were faced with communicable diseases among soldiers who required tedious care.

In her book, Notes on Nursing: What it is, What it is not, Nightingale focuses on her environmental theory which included the importance of fresh air, pure w
ater, cleanliness, light, and effective drainage of facilities. Additionally, Nightingale touches on a warm, noise-free environment, as well as ensuring that patient dietary needs are met. She linked up with sanitary reformer Edwin Chadwick and politician James Stansfeld and ultimately enacted the Public Health Acts of 1874 and 1875 involving significant changes in laws regarding public drainage. Historians now believe that the acts had a huge role in altering the average nation
al life expectancy by 20 years between the years of 1871 and 1935.

In addition to developing theories and public health policies, her school called The Nightingale School for Nurses, opened in 1860. The school is considered the first official training program for nurses.

Nightingale is inspirational, not just for student nurses, but for all nurses. She changed the world with her research and dedication to her patients. Every nurse hopes to have as much of an impact as our founder!



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