Abby’s Guide for Handling Stress during Finals and the Holidays

Abigail Schwing, senior

Feeling stressed for the holidays? Is that even a question? With finals quickly approaching, and the holidays soon after that, it’s getting down to crunch time! From acing exams to buying loved one the perfect gifts the stress is high. It’ll all get done, so stop worrying, and start enjoying the holiday season.

  1. Use Thanksgiving break to not only study but also enjoy time with friends and family! Yes, as soon as we get back finals will be in full swing, but enjoy as much time as you can with your family! Just being with them will help relieve stress and give you just that boost you need to kill those finals!
  2. It’s the thought that counts! You’ve heard this a million times, but it really holds true when you’re getting gifts for family! They don’t worry that you bought the most expensive thing on the shelves; they just want to spend time with you. So don’t feel the need to break the bank when buying gifts.
  3. Take time for yourself! It’s more important than ever to remember that you still have needs, especially during finals. If you feel great about yourself, than you’ll be less likely to stress and those finals will come easier.
  4. Don’t forget that everyone is stressed. If you noticed your friends are more tense that usual, don’t take it personally. This time of year is a high stress time, so everyone might be snippier. Just try to help your friends as much as you can and give them space when they need it!
  5. Try your best to enjoy the Christmas season in the city! There are many activities downtown and around the city that you should try your best to enjoy. Finals studying can wait a night, right??
  6. Don’t forget sleep! With all this stress, it may seem easier to stay up all night and study, but this will not help in the long run. Study a little bit each day and don’t miss out on your ZZ’s.

These may seem easier said than done! But the best you can do is try! After all, finals will be over before you know it and you’ll still need your sanity! So relax and remember, YOU CAN DO IT!


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