DUSON Welcomes Examsoft

Ashley Altieri, senior

The initial switch from paper exams to a computer program known as Examsoft, was an adjustment for students and teachers alike. Now that the program is up and running, administration, professors, and students are singing the praises of this new program.

Director of Technology, Joe Seidel, says that the School of Nursing chose Examsoft over other programs because of built in security and compatibility with computers and Ipads.

“This complete end-to-end solution of software for student devices, question banks, test creation and powerful reporting and analytic tools for faculty made ExamSoft stand out from other products,” he says.

Seidel also discusses how ExamSoft ensures security by closing off access to Wi-Fi during an exam.  Once the student is finished with their exam, the program connects to Wi-Fi and uploads to the ExamSoft server.  Then, ExamSoft generates analytical reports that are available for faculty to see and adjust the test as needed.

“ExamSoft is always making updates and adding features to make a better test taking experience”, Seidel says.

Professor Debra Lewis enjoys using ExamSoft in her classroom, despite the initial unfamiliarity of the program.

“It helps students become comfortable with taking tests on the computer, which helps prepare students for Hesi and NCLEX,” she says.

Lewis says that since she gets the results of the exams back so quickly, she is able to review what questions need  thrown out, and thus get the results back to students in a short period of time.

Ilena Godleski, a senior nursing student agrees with Lewis about the convenience of Examsoft.

“I like that I can read the rationales for questions and get my results as soon as I’m done with my test.”

ExamSoft is helping lift the burden from teachers of sending scantrons to the testing center and waiting for the exam to come back.  It offers students a way to alleviate the anxiety of waiting to know the grade of a test.  Technology has already made enormous impacts in the daily activities of hospitals, such as the incorporation of telemedicine and electronic medical records.  It creates quicker ways for patients to receive treatment and results.  Anyone that has worked in a hospital knows that time is precious and in a short supply.  How we respond to the changes in technology now as students will help to prepare us for the numerous and wonderful changes we will face as nurses.


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