Didn’t escape Midterms unscathed? Here’s where you can get help!

Abigail Schwing, senior

There is no doubt that midterms are one of the most stressful times in the semester. For some classes, this is the first examination of what you learned all semester! No one ever truly feels prepared but the test days inevitably arrive. And once you take the test the true stress begins. The professor finally posted the grades and you begin to think “HOW??” Sometimes, our grades don’t totally reflect our preparation. Be it that we focused too much on the wrong things, or that we just completely blanked on a topic we knew. There are many services at Duquesne to make sure these mistakes don’t happen again!

NAP tutors
CONS- since the curriculum has changed most upper classman have not had the same cmemeourses as freshmen

PROS- nursing students helping other students focus on what they have had to know in the past

Writing center– Was it a paper that due you in this midterm?
CONS- the writing center staff is not experts in every topic; therefore, they cannot fact check papers unless you come prepared

PROS- gives students the opportunity to read their writing to a third party and work through difficulties together

Learning Skills Center- free tutoring provided by Duquesne
CONS- actually knowing that this service exists and where to find it on campus (it’s found in Old Main). Also, tutoring is not available for many nursing classes.

PROS- it’s a free service parovided by Duquesne. Lots of tutors for science classes.

THE BEST- Your Professor
PROS- he/she will know that you are concerned about your learning. Also, they are the experts for the course so they can guide your learning
CONS- sometimes their office hours are inconvenient for your schedule and they may be hard to reach by email

It’s best to know your options to help you in the future! However, it is equally as important to not harp on the pass. Even if you didn’t do as well as you planned, relax, there are other ways to show what you know and you can kill it at finals. So, go out with your friends, stay in and watch a movie, do whatever helps you de-stress. Always remember life goes on! Just prepare more for the next test.


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