Why we all got upset over “The View”

Holly Storm, freshman

Nursing is a profession. Something that people are proud of and love to talk about. One of those people was Miss Colorado in the Miss America Pageant. On September 13, 2015, she gave a moving monologue about when she first became a nurse. Some people loved this talent and some people did not. One group of women who did not like Miss Colorado’s talent was the ladies on The View. Not only did they not like it, but they also were very ignorant about the profession of nursing. They made comments like she was wearing a doctor’s stethoscope, she was wearing a costume, and that she was basically reading an email. The nurses and doctors all over the country quickly pointed out how wrong these women were. They went to social media sites like twitter and Facebook. It kept getting bigger and bigger with more and more nurses and doctors contributing to the conversation. They all had personal stories to share about how the View was wrong.

The fact is that nurses own stethoscopes too, and use them more often than doctors. The first step of the Nursing Process is Assessment where nurses assess what is wrong with the patient through talking with the patient and running tests. One nurse pointed out that without it she could not listen to her patients’ lungs in the ICU. A nurse pointed out that they do not wear for show or to look cool, but to care for patients and save lives. Another doctor posted a picture with all the nurses’ stethoscopes because he confiscated them and said that it was awful for all the patients that could not get treatment, but according the View the nurses did not use stethoscopes. Calling nurses’ scrubs a costume is another thing that upset nurses because what they wear is not a costume. Also when this contestant was talking she was speaking a personal experience with a patient who touched her life and influenced her nursing career. Yet by saying that she was basically reading an email, they undermined how special the connection between nurse and patient is.


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