The Lunar Valve: Check out this month’s nursing student horoscopes!

Virgo  8/23-9/22

Hello, Hello! I know I place called… eh em. Excuse me… Hello, Virgo! As it is always refreshing to be reminded of our roots, let me remind you that you are of the Earth sign and ruled by planet Mercury. ’Tis very fitting indeed that you should choose the field of nursing because of the Virgos’ strong interest in health. You are a hard worker, calm and collected on the outside and contemplative and calculative intellectually. You are always thinking and one with the will to help others which makes you a fantastic nurse and a team player; however, your love for helping others can quickly overwhelm you when taking on too many tasks. It is important to learn that, at times, you must say ‘no’ to others in order to take care of yourself and your own patients. As easy as it is to immerse yourself in work and in helping your coworkers when they insist, keep in mind that there is life outside of work and that your health is just as important as the health of those you care for and work with.


Libra 9/23-10/22

My Libras out there, your future I read through the planet Venus and your sign is the air. You are a caring friend and have an overall graceful way about you. In the life of a Libra, balance is important—you need all your food groups to be represented, if you will. Your time cannot be occupied too much by the same thing, but you need your alone time, your academic time, and your social time in equal doses in order to function. The fact that you like to please those around you may not exactly help you keep this balance. As the academic year is beginning to pick up its pace, the HESI questions are demanding your attention while you are still juggling a social life, do not be afraid to take a moment for yourself. Go for a run, read a book at the point, take a kickboxing class, or go dancing! You may be surprised how much some time to yourself clears your mind and enables you to maintain balance in your schedule.

P.S….Stressed out with nursing school? Overwhelmed by life? Need nursing school advice, life advice, or just an anonymous person to talk to who may be able to relate? Feel free to contact me, Lady HCTZ at

I’m in my last year of nursing school, and if I cannot find someone to answer your questions, I can definitely find someone who can! And if you need a friend to vent to, I can definitely be that too!


     Lady HCTZ

Futures divined by: Lady Hydrochlorothiazide, filtering through your future with a daily dose of dire etiquette.

Check back next month for what the future holds!


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