Abby’s Tips on Having an Amazing First Week of Class!

Abigail Schwing


Stressed about school starting? Excited to start classes after a fun orientation week, but freaking out a little, because college is happening now? I’ve got my top ten tips on how to have an amazihelpng first week of nursing
school that is stress free and fun!

  1. Remember, everyone is nervous! Don’t overthink everything and feel free to step out of your comfort zone.
  2. Don’t overdress for the first week. People will be able to tell you’re new if you try too hard. Keep
    it nice, but relaxed.
  3. Write down all the dates for big tests and assignments. It will help you keep track of your busy weeks and plan ahead!
  4. Be BOLD! Sit next to someone you haven’t met yet. There is no better time than the first week to meet new people!
  5. Introduce yourself to your instructors. They will be helpful throughout your career in college. And they will remember you and that’s good (especially when you need a recommendation)!
  6. Don’t become overwhelmed when looking at your calendars and syllabuses. Everything will get done.
  7. Don’t get behind in your readings. All your professors will warn you to stay on top on your readings. Listen to them! They know best. After all, they already passed nursing school!
  8. Bring snacks to class! The professors will often give you breaks and that a perfect time to revastudent-computer-wide_5mp. And if you bring them yourself, you’ll save your flex (and that means more money for Starbucks)!
  9. Take a liking to coffee or tea. You will need it and it’s better to get used to the flavor now before you really need it at midterms!
  10. Enjoy the lack of work the first few weeks! Midterms will be here before you know it. So savor your time and freedom.

Follow these basic steps and you are on the path to success!

Pictures from collegeonline and universityparent


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