The Lunar Valve: Auscultating Futures for July and August

Cancer 6/21-7/22

Cancer, my friend, you have the sign of water and are read through the position of the Moon. You function best when working with a group and tend to be more reserved unless someone you love is being threatened. Quick to listen and an open book, you are trusted by all those who meet you. Continue to embrace your gift by letting your patients come to you with their struggles and needs. In a time of trial and fatigue, your patients will turn to you for a shoulder to cry on. All the same, your need to function as part of a group can work for and against your benefit. Continue to assist youladyhcthwithhatr co-workers with the work load, yet do not be afraid to vocalize your concerns if you are feeling overwhelmed. Remember, each personality type has a voice and plays a part. Don’t hold back what is on your mind out of fear; your stance may be a matter of life or death (literally or metaphorically). The Nursing Guru has faith in you!

Leo 7/23-8/22

Leo, beautiful and brilliant you are—ruled by the Sun and represented by fire. As your planet has shined as of late, so has your presence been recognized by those around you. You are a natural born leader, protective, courageous, calm and organized; you are surely destined for great things in high places. However, in the world of healthcare sometimes it may not seem as though your hard work and your loving heart are appreciated. Often times Leos feel underappreciated if those around them do not r
ecognize the love they have for family and friends and, in this case, patients. Use these times when your Sun is shining bright to recognize how important you and your actions are to those around you so that you can hold onto these memories and those who appreciate you when the Sun goes down.

Virgo  8/23-9/22

Hello, Hello! I know I place called… eh em. Excuse me… Hello, Virgo! As it is always refreshing to be reminded of our roots, let me remind you that you are of the Earth sign and ruled by planet Mercury. ’Tis very fitting indeed that you should choose the field of nursing because of the Virgos’ strong interest in health. You are a hard worker, calm and collected on the outside and contemplative and calculative intellectually. You are always thinking and one with the will to help others which makes you a fantastic nurse and a team player; however, your love for helping others can quickly overwhelm you when taking on too many tasks. It is important to learn that, at times, you must say ‘no’ to others in order to take care of yourself and your own patients. As easy as it is to immerse yourself in work and in helping your coworkers when they insist, keep in mind that there is life outside of work and that your health is just as important as the health of those you care for and work with.

Futures divined by: Lady Hydrochlorothiazide, filtering through your future with a daily dose of dire etiquette.


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