New Year, New Lab: DUSON Gets an Upgrade

Chelsea Kwong


The School of Nursing experienced an exciting change this summer, the addition of a state of the art nursing lab. Gone are the days of cramming in the hallways of Fisher waiting to enter the lab. On the fifth floor of Libermann, nursing students are able to focus on learning instead of bumping elbows with their colleagues in an attempt to view a demonstration.

Rosanna Henry, the director of the new simulation center, says that all of this was possible without raising tuition.

“We were able to make the new sim lab happen through the generosity of the President/CEO of Pocket Nurse, Anthony Battaglia,” Henry says, “He was responsible for providing much of the high tech equipment and learning materials.”

Much of the equipment in the new lab also came from the Keystone Simulation Center that shut down last year.

Lined along one hallway are “standard patient rooms” which are built to simulate patient rooms in doctors’ offices. In the main simulation lab, there are multiple babies, as well as over five patient beds, each with their own unique patient. Ample space allows for large groups of students to practice at once, and room to rotate amongst stations. New features of this lab include a stocked central supply room, a medicine cart equipped with a computer (which mirrors the ones used at such facilities as those of UPMC), and a linen shelf. The oxygen ports on the walls deliver actual oxygen, thus further delivering the “real” hospital experience. Professors can sit in a high-tech control room, which allows for them to record the simulation, and react to various interventions that students may implement. After the simulation, a large debriefing room (which looks like a standard meeting room) features a television screen that plays back the simulation recording, and thus facilitates discussion of interventions, and potential improvements to the performances of individual students.

Everyone can surely get hyped about the new nursing simulation lab, and the learning opportunities that it promises to offer. We are all a part of an exciting big step for the DUSON, and will be reaping major benefits!

For an inside look, check out the photos below!


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