The Lunar Valve: Auscultate your Future for May and June

Taurus 4/20-5/20

My dear Taurus… Sign of the Earth and ruled by planet Mars. You are a lover of leisure and maintaining contladyhcthwithhatrol, slow to anger but fierce when the horns come out. With the hurricane of last semester’s finals dying down, you’ve gotten a brief period kick your feet back and put ADPIE and SBAR on the back burner for a short while—a break from the Matador holding up the red flag, so to speak. It’s been a short break, but it’s time to shift into full nursing gear this summer. Unfortunately, the position of Mars predicts a nasty bout of C-Diff in a patient in your future. Word from the Nursing Guru: Vaseline is your friend.

Gemini 5/21-6/20

Ah, darling Gemini… Sign of air and spoken for by planet Mercury. You are a lover of learning and an adventurous soul, yet preferring never to venture alone. You love to be on your feet—hence, you’ve felt nursing has been your calling since day one of clinical. When those call bells go off, you’re the nursing Flash of the unit, but as a Gemini, you are known as somewhat of a chatter-box. Your talkative tendencies are a gift and a curse. Use your powers for good to establish rapport with your patient and hear out their needs, but be careful to leave yourself open to other opportunities out on the floor. Although you love to chat, you also crave adventure, and the Mercury reads that many an opportunity will await you if you make yourself available and ready.

Cancer 6/21-7/22

Cancer, my friend, you have the sign of water and are read through the position of the Moon. You function best when working with a group and tend to be more reserved unless someone you love is being threatened. Quick to listen and an open book, you are trusted by all those who meet you. Continue to embrace your gift by letting your patients come to you with their struggles and needs. In a time of trial and fatigue, your patients will turn to you for a shoulder to cry on. All the same, your need to function as part of a group can work for and against your benefit. Continue to assist your co-workers with the work load, yet do not be afraid to vocalize your concerns if you are feeling overwhelmed. Remember, each personality type has a voice and plays a part. Don’t hold back what is on your mind out of fear; your stance may be a matter of life or death (literally or metaphorically). The Nursing Guru has faith in you!

Futures divined by: Lady Hydrochlorothiazide, filtering through your future with a daily dose of dire etiquette.

Check back next month for what the future holds for Leo and Virgo …


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