Realizing Respect: Nurses and Physicians Relate

Monica Menon

Biology and Pre-med

Interprofessional Contributor

Throughout the years, physician and nurse interaction has been changing. The dynamics between physicians and nurses are very important in healthcare because quality patient care is the number one concern. To ensure patients are treated well, communication between doctors and nurses is necessary. This allows collaboration on different types of treatments with the ultimate goal of developing a treatment plan that is best for the patient1. Doctors and nurses, due to their professions, can differ on what they think is best for the patient1. However, with careful thinking and planning, they can come up with a treatment that is best for the patient while working together.

Physicians are typically portrayed as having a poor image when working with others. They are known as being arrogant, full of themselves, and disrespectful to other employees. This may have been true, back in the day, however today, things are changing.

My father, a well established internal medicine physician, elaborated on this issue. “Physicians used to treat nurses with lots of disrespect years ago,” he said, “That is why some nurses even today do not like working with physicians and will have an attitude. However, there are many physicians today that do treat nurses with the respect they deserve. Once both parties see that both sides are respecting each other, communication and collaboration will be easier to achieve.”

With that said, yes, nurses were not respected in the past. However, it is a new time and a new generation. Now, physicians are respecting nurses and with respect given back to them, nurses and physicians can work together and achieve great things.

The image of nurses has changed greatly over the years. Now due to understaffed hospitals, tight budgets, and more illnesses arising, the role of nurses has expanded2. Other than hospital care, nurses are also specializing in a particular fields of medicine, publishing research, developing medical applications, and getting involved with health care policy2.  Despite all of these achievements, nurses are not always given the credit they deserve. They are known as being the physician’s sidekick and deserve more credit for the work they do.

To conclude, it is very important for physicians and nurses to work together.  They can go work together and create the best treatment plan for each patient. When nurses and physicians collaborate they accomplish so much more and ultimately lead to a better hospital environment with better care for patients.

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