Brief Guide to Buying Scrubs for Your Summer Job

Bridget Seelinger

DUSNA Publicity Chair

As the summer season begins, many student nurses across the nation are freed from the stress and worry that goes along with the hustle and bustle of school. This leaves time for many exciting things, not the least of which includes starting a new job. Now as hospitals and other medical facilities vary on the rules of what an aide may or may not wear (I know that Allegheny Health just switched over to uniforms) and some facilities lack any rules at all, a new hire can feeladu very lost as they begin the monumental task of finding scrubs and shoes to wear to work. This is why we at the Scope, have developed the fool-proof guide to buying either your very first pair or maybe even your last pair of scrubs for your summer job.

Pittsburgh is a wonderful city and there are lots of buying options. First, we are going to start out with where to buy scrubs.

  1. Walmart. As always, Walmart has everything, including super cheap scrubs. These scrubs are not going to be the highest quality, but if you are looking for something cheap and useable, Walmart is the best place to look. Walmart is great if you are working on a unit with a lot of incontinent patients because you won’t feel bad throwing out a top if it is beyond saving.
  2. American Discount Uniforms. The location on Liberty Avenue is convenient for the savy student who is looking for scrubs but also works at West Penn, which is right across the street. ADU is where Duquesne gets their uniforms so there is a direct cross-over when it comes to choosing a size. ADU is also nice because they know what each hospital wants and can really help you out if you are feeling lost. If you subscribe to their email list, you can also get in on special discounts and promotions.
  3. Scrub Shack. There used to be a location at the Robinson Mall but now the only open location is at Pittsburgh Mills. This is a fun store with lots of options in both scrubs and shoes. Their shoe selection is really great with prices ranging from $100+ to $30 and under. If you are looking for fun prints (if you’re working in a nursing home or in peds), this place is hard to beat. They also carry popular brands such as Cherokee and Greys Anatomy.

Now that you have a few places in mind, let’s talk about what you should wear.

  1. Non-slip nursing shoes are a must! You never know what you will be stepping in that day or what may fall on your feet. You want to protect yourself from falling on your face as well as protecting yourself from various body fluids.
  2. Stay away from wild colors. When you walk into a scrub store, you will be greeted by fun colors and prints. If you’re working at a facility that allows you to wear these things, one or two is ok to invest in, but be careful. Many hospitals and facilities now-a-days, don’t allow emscrubsployees to wear cookie monster or smiling bumblebees, so if in the future you get a job somewhere else, you may need to go out and purchase an entirely new wardrobe.
  3. Greys Anatomy scrubs are simply the best, if you have the money to spend. They are really comfortable and they last. I currently own a pair and I wear them whenever they are clean. When you try them on, you can really feel the difference. Greys Anatomy forever.
  4. Cherokee scrub tops are really great if you are looking for those fun prints. I purchased a couple off of Amazon for fairly cheap and they have yet to let me down. In reference to Tip #2, Cherokee are great if you want to buy fun prints and colors, but you don’t want to spend a lot on them, just in case you can’t wear them in the future.

And that concludes the brief but fairly inclusive guide to buying scrubs for your summer job. If you’re from Pittsburgh, where have you bought scrubs in the city? If you’re from Pittsburgh or not, what advice would you give nursing students when buying scrubs? Comment below and let us know!

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2 thoughts on “Brief Guide to Buying Scrubs for Your Summer Job

  1. Thanks Bridget! Goodwill has great deals too! I just got three scrub tops, all in good condition, from my local store at home. They were $3.75 each, and one was 25% off because it was the color of the day. Check out the Goodwill in Soth Side Works. It’s huge!


  2. Life Uniform (near Ross Park Mall) currently has a deal until May 31st where if you donate gently used, clean scrubs, you get 20% off your purchase! They have a large selection (ex. Grey’s anatomy) also


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